We offer counselling to our clients in all matters and assist them in the acquisition as well as in all other contracts for the use of any type of real estate. We clarify all questions regarding the current legal status of the real estate including the verification of ownership titles, other encumbrances and contracts, building concessions, tax burdens and outstanding debts.

Our law firm has always provided legal advice to private clients, banks and institutions in Italy and abroad on all questions concerning real estate law in South Tyrol and Italy, and supports them in a quick and efficient manner.


Topics of real estate and property law:

  • Advice on all questions relating to real estate
  • Advice on anticipated inheritance
  • Advice on real rights and other charges on real estate
  • Acquisition and use/rental of residential properties
  • Acquisition and use/rental of commercial property
  • Advice on the acquisition of real estate, sales and foreclosure sales
  • Real Estate Leasing