This mainly refers to claims for damages resulting from unauthorised actions or cases of non-contractual liability. The law on damages divides the types of damage into financial and non-financial damage. The most numerous case examples in everyday practice are traffic accidents. Other important areas for the application of damage law concern skiing accidents or the liability of doctors. Italian tort law is characterised by a special attention to the damage to the injured person's health, which is determined on the basis of the forensic expert opinion and progressive and age-related tables drawn up by the national courts.

Italian insurance law regulates in a specific way the insurance of third party liability for motor vehicles and ships/boats. In the case of traffic accidents involving only damage to property and/or minor personal injury, the Italian law provides for direct action for compensation against the insured party's own liability insurance. Vehicles registered abroad are excluded from this.


Issues of damage and insurance law:

  • Advice and assertion of claims for damages in case of traffic accidents and skiing accidents in South Tyrol/Italy
  • Determination and quantification of the damage to be claimed in accordance with the assessment guidelines in force in Italy
  • Advice and assertion of claims for damages in the case of medical liability issues
  • Out-of-court and judicial enforcement of claims for damages against the perpetrators of damage and their insurance companies