Our law firm offers its clients any advice and support with regard to the OM D.Lgs. 231/2001, which introduced the administrative liability of corporations for criminal offences in Italy. This aims at prosecuting and punishing companies for offences committed by a natural person in the interest or - even allegedly - for the benefit of the latter. The penalties provided for range from fines, revocation of licences, etc. to the cessation of business activities. In order to prevent the commission of a criminal offence and to exclude the company's liability in the event of its commission, we work together with specialised management consultants and our clients to develop and implement an organisational and management model and an internal control mechanism.


Topics of the OM D.Lgs. 231/2001:

  • Identification of individual risks, risk analysis
  • Development of an organisational model, a management model and a control model
  • Implementation of the models in the internal processes of a company
  • Development of an appropriate system of sanctions
  • Advice on the introduction of the internal supervisory body
  • Ongoing updating