Management errors, but also a crisis-ridden environment or debts can lead to the insolvency of a company. The reform of the Italian insolvency law facilitates the implementation of a judicial compensation procedure to save the healthy core of the company. This requires a detailed plan and professional legal advice.

Other issues related to insolvency concern the best possible enforcement of debt collection, the defence by the insolvency administrator against actions for avoidance, the pre-fulfilment of certain claims such as those of subcontractors in public works, the assertion of privileges and property rights, etc.

Particular problems arise in connection with preliminary contracts for the purchase of a home.


Issues of insolvency law:

  • Advice on the occurrence of corporate crises
  • Advice on filing an application for and handling of court settlement proceedings
  • Representation/consultation for the filing of claims
  • Advice/representation in disputes with the insolvency administration
  • Advice on purchase/lease from insolvency
  • Consulting/representation at auctions