International network
Consulegis-EWIV is an international network of law firms with over 1500 solicitors in 166 towns in 37 countries. This network guarantees our clients professional legal advice and enforcement throughout Europe, the Middle East and overseas. The member law firms assure each other of mutual legal assistance, assumption of mandate and provision of an office infrastructure. The Consulegis partnership also opens up crucial contacts in the respective states and jurisdictions.

Partners in Italy and Germany
Slc-Studi Legali Collegati is a term referring to the cross border close cooperation with partner law firms in Italy and Germany. In addition to our head office in Bolzano we work closely with our branch offices in Milan and Munich. We can therefore guarantee our clients professional legal support throughout Italy and Germany.

Communicating lawyers throughout Italy
Solicitors rely on a dense network of reliable communicating lawyers, not only when the local jurisdiction for a case lies outside the local court, but also for the enforcement of a title obtained at home or elsewhere against a foreign debtor, for protective measures against him and similar. Our Brandstätter partnership has permanent cooperation agreements with at least one law firm in each of the 100 county court districts in Italy. In larger towns cooperation extends to several law firms - according to their specialist expertise.