Separation, divorce, custody, alimony, guardianship and legal representation lead to major cuts in the life of a family. Our lawyers specialising in family and matrimonial law empathise with the respective situation and, in addition to specialist knowledge, bring a high degree of experience, sensitivity and discretion to the table. As a renowned law firm for family and matrimonial law in South Tyrol Italy, we offer a quick handling of your family law matters in an environment of trust. Our advice focuses on amicable solutions and out-of-court settlements for the benefit of all parties involved.


Issues of family and marriage law in South Tyrol - Italy:

  • Advice in all matters of family and marriage law
  • Property law advice
  • Advice & representation in separation and divorce proceedings
  • Advice & representation in maintenance and custody disputes
  • Recognition and disqualification of paternity
  • Guardianship and guardianship
  • Regulation and advice for registered partnerships (contracts for cohabiting partners who are not linked by marriage)